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School house Likonde
School house Likonde

The seminary school in Likonde

In the little seminary school in Likonde teenagers from the dioceses of Songea, Mbinga and Njombe prepare themselves for the theology course. The Likonde Seminary School, an institution of the bishopric of Mbinga is attended by about 170 teenagers and men between the ages of 14 to 25 years at the moment.

In the afternoons they have to work on the maize and peanut fields to support their school. 8 teachers both secular teachers and priests give lessons to the students. The training level is set on a high scale. Therefore, the seminary school, where a huge number of the elite of Tanzania were taught, is often called “Cambridge of East Africa”.

The priests of the boys' home dioceses and the representatives of the bishops choose the boys for the seminary school. Most of them came from poor families. Their parents are coffee or maize farmers or fishermen at Lake Nyasa. Consequently it is very difficult for them to pay the annual contribution of 200 Euro tuition fee.

Susanne Hardörfer