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Children’s village for aids orphans
Children’s village for aids orphans

The work of the sister convents of St. Vincent and St. Benedictine

The sister convents of St. Vincent and St. Benedictine in Chipole offer the prospective nuns training possibilities. The Vincentian Sisters from Untermarchtal in Germany started their missionary work in the dioceses of Mbinga and Songea in 1960.

The Missionary Benedictine Eberhard Spiess, former Abbot of Peramiho, asked the congregation of the Vincentia Sister from his home place to build up a mission station in Tanzania.

The Vincentian Sisters run a plantation cultivating the Jatropha plant, a plant whose fruits can be used to produce vegetable oil. The oil as a new electricity source enables independence from diesel engines.

In the meantime about 160 young native sisters are members of the community “Sisters of mercy” who work at seventeen different places. For instance the Vincentian Sisters experienced in the health sector constructed obstetrics in their hospitals to combat the high infant mortality. Furthermore, they established church kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and also some vocational trainings centres which give young women the possibility to take their life into their own hands and to avoid unemployment. Their care also applied to disabled children as they can attend lessons in a secondary school in Mbinga, the Huruma School, together with children from the city. A further institution for hearing disabled children was opened in Ruhuwiko a few years ago. Two hundred children are able to obtain their school graduation and vocational training as mechanic, carpenter or tailor under the leadership of pedagogical personnel. In Mtwango a children’s village for aids orphans was erected.

Susanne Hardörfer