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Bishop Hofmann and Emmanuel Mapunda
Bishop Hofmann and Emmanuel Mapunda

The Development of the Partnership with Würzburg

The diocese of Mbinga was led by the archdiocese of Songea. Since they were separated from each other on 22nd of December, 1986, Mbinga did not have an own infrastructure any longer. In this archbishopric there is also the Abbey of Peramiho having close contacts to the Abbey of Münsterschwarzach.

Since missionaries of the diocese of Würzburg have worked in the Abbey of Peramiho they supported together, with the former Abbot of Münsterschwarzach, Fidelis Ruppert, the idea to get this poor diocese, which is newly founded and without infrastructure, off the ground through a partnership.

Then the thought came up to establish a diocesan partnership because the idea of an ecclesiastical relation to a church in the south of the world was discussed in many dioceses at that time. A process of discussion started and finally a decision was made.

On the 29th of October in 1989, when the 1300th anniversary of the martyrdom of the first Franconian missionaries Kilian, Kolonat and Totnan took place, a symbolic diocesan partnership between the diocese of Mbinga and Würzburg was signed with a partnership document by the two Bishops in Würzburg.

Susanne Hardörfer